Provisonal Date
July 26, 2015
Yardley, PA

“Isn’t it better to triumph by the strength of your muscles than by the artifice of a derailleur?  We are getting soft…  As for me, give me a fixed gear!”

Henri Desgrange
Founder, Tour de France
L’Equipe 1902




Another Stupid Idea from the folks that bring you the Hell of Hunterdon, the Fools Classic, and the Fleche Buffoon.

As you can see from the quote above, Henri Desgrange despised derailleurs, and prohibited their use in the Tour de France.  He only allowed freewheels after great reluctance (in 1912), as he didn’t want to allow anything that made cycling easier. 

Derailleurs did not appear in Le Tour until 1937, after Desgrange stepped down from directing it, and Jacques Goddet took over.  Though European racing evolved quickly, most road racing in the US was conducted with fixed gears well into the 1950s.  Like in track racing, you had to pick your gear in advance, and deal with it, if you chose poorly. 

In this spirit, we present a 50 mile challenge over varied terrain (a nice balance of flats, rolling hills, steep climbs, and some fun descents), aimed at testing your fitness, fortune, skill, and gear ratio selection.  Fixed or Freewheel?  That is up to you. 

Following the ride, please join us for festivities at Firehouse Cycles in Yardley.